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ARENA (1953)
ARENA (1953) $250.00 SOLD

Vintage original 41 x 27" (104 x 69") one sheet poster, USA. Gig Young, Jean Hagen, Polly Bergen, dir: Richard Fleischer; MGM. Promoted by MGM as the first 3-D Western, this poster, appropriately, has the expected "coming at you out of the screen" graphics. Folded, no pinholes, there is a bit of fold wear at upper fold, and a tiny tear in top blank margin, overall NEAR FINE.

BLOW-UP (1966)
BLOW-UP (1966) $250.00 SOLD

Vintage original 27 x 18" (67 x 46 cm.) fotobusta poster, Italy. Vanessa Redgrave, Sarah Miles, David Hemmings, John Castle, Jane Birkin, Verushka, dir: Michelangelo Antonioni; MGM. The story of a mod London photographer who believes he has photographed a murder.

Forever controversial and even hated by many when first released, it is Antonioni's comment on society (particularly of the time) and on human nature. The film was made by MGM in the UK under a newly-created company called Premier Productions. Because this company had no agreement with the Production Code office (as MGM did), the frontal nudity and explicit scenes...


Vintage original 41 x 27" (104 x 69 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Guy Madison, Frank Lovejoy, dir: Gordon Douglas; Warner Brothers. Another example of awesome 1950s 3-D movie poster art. Folded, there are no pinholes, there is slight shelf wear with a few very tiny fold tears, NEAR FINE.

DIRTY HARRY (1971) $750.00 SOLD

Set of eight (8) vintage original 14 x 11" (35 x 28 cm.) lobby cards, USA. Clint Eastwood, Andrew Robinson, John Vernon, Reni Santoni, Harry Guardino, dir: Don Siegel; Warner Brothers. The now-classic crime thriller about San Francisco Police Inspector Harry Callahan, who has little regard for rules but who gets results. In this tale he is tracking down serial killer Scorpio, who snipes his victims at random.

Clint Eastwood in his iconic role of the paradoxical Dirty Harry (basically an outlaw but deeply moral at the same time) only won the role because the originally-cast Frank Sinatra had injured his...

DOROTHY LAMOUR (1937) $200.00 SOLD

Vintage original 10 x 8" (25 x 20 cm.) single weight glossy silver gelatin print still photo, USA. Born in New Orleans, the stunning and sultry Lamour was crowned Miss New Orleans in 1931, then became a band singer and radio performer. She worked her way up with bit roles in films before her breakthrough role in THE JUNGLE PRINCESS. The film was released at Christmas 1936, and she became an iconic film figure wearing her sarong (supposedly designed by uncredited Edith Head).

Paramount had a gold mine and promoted Lamour in a host of sarong-type wear throughout 1937, no matter...

GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935 (1935)
GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935 (1935) $300.00 SOLD

Vintage original 17 x 11" (43 x 29 cm.) pressbook; folio, pictorial wrappers, 24 pp., USA. Dick Powell, Adolphe Menjou, Gloria Stuart, Alice Brady, Hugh Herbert, Glenda Farrell, dir: Busby Berkeley; Warner Brothers. Post-Production Code musical extravaganza was small on plot, this time with a mother attempting to marry her daughter off to a millionaire while staying at a posh hotel -- but the film was huge in production numbers. These were some of Busby Berkeley's most sophisticated, intricate and best. Amongst them were "The Words Are In My Heart," and the iconic "Lullaby of Broadway." By 1935, Warner Brothers...

LA DOLCE VITA (1960) $2,500.00 SOLD

Vintage original 10 x 12;" (26 x 31 cm.) program; illustrated, saddle-stitched card wrappers, Italy. Rome: Riama Film, 1960. A striking and rare first-run program for what can easily be described as Fellini's most pivotal film, if not his finest. Unlike the more sentimental and abstract films that would follow, La Dolce Vita is an unflinching seven-day journey through 1960s Rome, with Mastroianni, a jaded journalist at the center of the story, constantly surrounded by revelry, beautiful women and a beautiful city, but no semblance of happiness or love.

This deluxe program reflects Fellini's use of stark black-and-white throughout the film,...

LADY IN THE LAKE (1947) - 1
LADY IN THE LAKE (1947) - 1 $500.00 SOLD

Vintage original 28 x 22" (70 x 55 cm.) half sheet poster style A, USA. Robert Montgomery, Audrey Totter, Lloyd Nolan, Leon Ames, Jayne Meadows, dir: Robert Montgomery; MGM. Montgomery directed and starred in this fine adaptation of the Raymond Chandler novel. It is perhaps the one film which truly captures the original spirit of a Chandler book. Montgomery was able to direct and act by ingeniously having his character be off camera much of the time, appearing to the audience by reflection in mirrors and by characters' reactions to him, thus giving Audrey Totter (in a performance as one...

LADY IN THE LAKE (1947) - 2
LADY IN THE LAKE (1947) - 2 $1,000.00 SOLD

Set of eight (8) vintage original 14 x 11" (35 x 28 cm.) lobby cards, USA. Robert Montgomery, Audrey Totter, Lloyd Nolan, Leon Ames, Jayne Meadows, dir: Robert Montgomery; MGM. Strong graphics and layout highlight the film noir feel of this rare set of cards. Raymond Chandler's character Phillp Marlowe is presented first person through the camera's view, allowing the audience to solve the mystery along with him. This film was close in spirit to the novel and is one of the finest adaptations of a Chandler book.

This is an absolutely wonderful set showing key tense moments from this bizarre...

LAURA (1944)
LAURA (1944) $600.00 SOLD

Vintage original 11 x 14" (28 x 36 cm.) title lobby card, USA. Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, dir: Otto Preminger; Fox. Of the seven different scene cards made for this film, this one is, for some reason, the scarcest -- and this medium close-up of Andrews and Tierney best conveys the film's mood of romantic obsession and sexual obsessiveness. There are two small tears in blank margins, both mended with archival paper, a minor marginal smudge, but this is overall in very nice condition, NEAR FINE.


Vintage original 41 x 27" (104 x 69 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Lenny Bruce, Steve Allen, Mort Sahl, dir: Fred Baker; Fred Baker Films. A documentary about the legendary comedian -- born Leonard Alfred Schneider (1925-66) -- by his friend Baker. Because Bruce posters are very rare, this is an unusual opportunity to own a vintage piece which portrays him. Folded twice, with no vertical fold lines, with a few tiny, scattered creases, JUST ABOUT FINE.

MAN IN THE DARK (1953) $200.00 SOLD

Vintage original 41 x 27" (104 x 69 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Edmond O'Brien, Audrey Totter, dir: Lew Landers; Columbia. Notable 3-D film strip artwork on right for this film noir starring bad girl stalwart Audrey Totter. Folded, there are no pinholes, there is a small fold tear at bottom middle center fold, NEAR FINE.


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