30 x 40" (76 x 101 cm.)

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CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (1958) $1,400.00 SOLD

Vintage original 30 x 40" (75 x 100 cm.) quad poster, UK. Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Burl Ives, Judith Anderson, Madeleine Sherwood, dir: Richard Brooks; MGM.

The highly adult filming of Tennessee Williams' work was paramount in the loosening of the strict censorship code in film making, as were all films of Williams' work during this period. It was an actor's film, with each star perfectly cast to their role. If there were any question of it, Elizabeth Taylor was now grown up and a fine actress in her mature roles. It is difficult to think of anyone else as Maggie...

CITIZEN KANE (1941; 1956 re-issue)
CITIZEN KANE (1941; 1956 re-issue) $1,250.00 SOLD

Vintage original 40 x 30" (100 x 75 cm.) poster, USA. Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Everett Sloane, Ruth Warrick, Dorothy Comingore, Paul Stewart, dir: Orson Welles; RKO. The towering yet unfulfilled expression of Charles Foster Kane hovers over the image of himself in his political campaign representing his climb to the top from his humble beginnings to a life of privilege, wealth and power.

The industry and the Academy recognized the film for its artistry and innovation, but because of the political uproar it caused it won just one award: the much-deserved Oscar for Best Writing, Original Screenplay to Orson Welles...

CRYING GAME, THE (1992) $300.00 SOLD

Vintage original 30 x 40" (75 x 100 cm.) quad poster, UK. Stephen Rea, Forrest Whitaker, Jaye Davidson, dir: Neil Jordan; Polygram. Classic (and quite scarce) original British poster for this British film, about an Irish IRA member who, while in London, searches out a mysterious woman, falls in love with her, and eventually learns that he has become enraptured with a biological man. Folded, with minor light marginal creasing, NEAR FINE.

CUL-DE-SAC (1966)
CUL-DE-SAC (1966) $350.00 SOLD

Vintage original 30 x 40" (76 x 102 cm.) quad poster, UK. Donald Pleasance, Lionel Stander,Francoise Dorleac, dir: Roman Polanski; Compton Films. Polanski's third feature, a masterpiece of surreal black comedy -- a murderous gangster invades the island home of an already-dysfunctional married couple, with hilarious and horrifying results.

This original British poster for this classic British film is a famous surreal design by Polanski's contemporary, Polish film maker and graphic designer Jan Lenica. Reissues as well as later bootleg reprints of this poster have turned up, but they do not utilize the full color scheme of this famous '60s design.



Vintage original 30 x 40” (75 x 100 cm.) poster, USA. Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Stevens, Jack Kelly, Richard Anderson, Earl Holliman, Robby the Robot, dir: Fred M. Wilcox; MGM.  This film is the classic Sci-Fi, based on Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST.  Studio executive Dore Schary did not like the science fiction genre and was reluctant to green light the production and initially would only approve it for a B budget. However, legendary MGM...


Vintage original 29 x 39" (74 x 100 cm.) quad poster, UK. Todd Armstrong, Nancy Kovack, dir: Don Chaffey; Columbia. This film was a co-production of the US and the UK, so this poster is from one of its two countries of origin. With the unique special effects of Ray Harryhausen, and the memorable score of Bernard Herrmann, this has always qualified as one of the classic fantasy films.

However, this British poster, with its very distinctive artwork, is a rare piece. And although the British quad poster is normally 30 x 40" (75 x 10"0 cm.), this poster gives every...

THIS ISLAND EARTH (1955) $6,850.00 SOLD

Vintage original 40 x 30" (100 x 75 cm.) poster, USA. Jeff Morrow, Faith Domergue, Rex Reason, Lance Fuller, Russell Johnson, dir: Joseph M. Newman, Jack Arnold: Universal. One of the top science fiction classics of the 1950s. Here is a very rare poster indeed.

The story involved aliens coming to Earth to engage scientists in a scheme to wage war and destroy the planet. The film, made on a very modest Universal budget, was likely not really in the making for 2 years, but the studio was dissatisfied with director Newman's work and hired Jack Arnold to reshoot a...

TRAVELLING PLAYERS, THE [O THIASOS] (1975; 1976 first UK release)
TRAVELLING PLAYERS, THE [O THIASOS] (1975; 1976 first UK release) $1,000.00 SOLD

Vintage original 30 x 40" (76 x 102 cm.) maquette artwork painting, and 30 x 40" (76 x 102 cm.) quad poster, UK. Eva Kotamanidou, Vangelis Kazan, dir: Theo Angelopoulos; Artificial Eye. Angelouolos' staggering retelling of the story of Electra, set in 20th-century Greece between the years 1939 and 1952. The film is composed of long, single, unbroken takes (many of them 10-minutes long or even longer), and even a film as stylistically complex as Hitchcock's Rope is, by comparison, simple.

We are offering here the original maquette/artist's design (in pencil, gouache and watercolor) and the actual poster itself. Maquette has...

UNDERWORLD, U.S.A. (1960) $300.00 SOLD

Vintage original 30 x 40" (75 x 100 cm.) quad poster, UK. Cliff Robertson, Dolores Dorn, Beatrice Kay, dir: Sam Fuller; Columbia. This gangster revenge film (Robertson sets out to systematically kill all the thugs who had once murdered his father -- and the image of violence at bottom right echoes the silhouette staging of his father's killing) is one of the great films of the great Samuel Fuller.

This exceedingly scarce British poster has multiple design elements missing from the U.S. paper. Folded, with minor fold wear, and some scattered creasing, VERY GOOD+.

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