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365 NIGHTS IN HOLLYWOOD (1934) $6,500.00 SOLD

Vintage original 41 x 27" (68 x 103 cm.) stone litho one sheet poster, USA. Alice Faye, James Dunn, Frank Mitchell, Jack Durant, dir: George Marshall; Fox Films. An absolutely legendary, rare and not often offered classic Hollywood poster.

The story of a down-and-out film director who takes to teaching at a film school where he discovers a genuinely talented girl is forgettable. It would be one of the last Fox musicals before the merger with Twentieth Century, and Alice Faye would become the studio's top musical star (evident that she was on her way in this poster in...

ALGIERS (1938)
ALGIERS (1938) $1,500.00 SOLD

Vintage original 27 x 41" (68 x 105 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Hed Lamarr, Charles Boyer, Sigrid Gurie, Joseph Calleia, Alan Hale, Gene Lockhart, dir: John Cromwell; United Artists. Hedy Lamarr made her American film debut in this famous classic romantic melodrama. She had made five films in Europe between 1930 and 1933, the last the notorious ECSTASE, which caused such a scandal that she did not make another film for 5 years. She was contracted by MGM, but Louis B. Mayer loaned her to Wanger for her first American film. It was one of her best and her...

ANATOMY OF A MURDER (1959) $4,000.00 SOLD

Vintage original 41 x 27" (104 x 69 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. James Stewart, George C. Scott, dir: Otto Preminger. This is one of the greatest of all of Saul Bass' movie posters, and I personally find it more perfectly laid out than his other great masterpiece, Vertigo. It is getting increasingly difficult to find a genuinely nice example of this poster, much less one which is unbacked and entirely unrestored, as this one is.

Folded, with a few scattered pinholes and some light creasing near the bottom of the poster, JUST ABOUT FINE.

ARENA (1953)
ARENA (1953) $250.00 SOLD

Vintage original 41 x 27" (104 x 69") one sheet poster, USA. Gig Young, Jean Hagen, Polly Bergen, dir: Richard Fleischer; MGM. Promoted by MGM as the first 3-D Western, this poster, appropriately, has the expected "coming at you out of the screen" graphics. Folded, no pinholes, there is a bit of fold wear at upper fold, and a tiny tear in top blank margin, overall NEAR FINE.

BIG BROADCAST OF 1938, THE (1938) - 2
BIG BROADCAST OF 1938, THE (1938) - 2 $2,000.00 SOLD

Vintage original 27 x 41" (68 x 102 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. W. C. Fields, Martha Raye, Dorothy Lamour, Shirley Ross, Bob Hope, Lynne Overman, Ben Blue, dir: Mitchell Leisen; Paramount. One of the finest and best remembered of the 1930s musicals, if for no other reason than the introduction, by Ross and Hope (his first feature role), of the classic song "Thanks for the Memory." It won the Academy Award. Martha Raye, who did her own stunts in a raucously entertaining number, was ingeniously cast as W. C. Fields' daughter (in his last film for Paramount). Everyone shone...

BIG TOWN GIRL (1937) $250.00 SOLD

Vintage original 27 x 41" (68 x 102 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Claire Trevor, Donald Woods, Alan Dinehart, Alan Baxter, dir: Alfred L. Werker; Twentieth Century Fox. Outstanding portraiture highlights this presentation for the story about a songstress who becomes a radio star and finds it necessary to disguise her identity because of her criminal husband. She becomes known as the personality "The Masked Countess." The sixty-six-minute B-musical features songs by Sidney Claire and Harry Akst, writers of many popular songs of the 1930s. On linen, there are some small little stains and dings, mostly in blank areas, VERY...

BLACK LIGHTNING (1924) $2,500.00 SOLD

Vintage original 27 x 41" (68 x 102 cm.) one sheet poster, Clara Bow, Harold Austin, Eddie Phillips, Joe Butterworth, Thunder the Dog, dir: James P. Hogan; Gotham/Lumas Film Corp. Amazingly this film, with one of Clara Bow's earliest supporting film roles, was discovered in a full-print version in Russia in 2000. Of course, Thunder was the real star: German shepherds such as Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart were popular with post-World War I audiences (Thunder was a dog that had actually been decorated for his valor at Verdun during the war). This story is about a soldier killed in war whose...


Vintage original 27 x 41” (68 x 103 cm.) one sheet poster, USA.  Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, dir: Robert Wise; RKO.A classic Val Lewton production, adapted from a short story by Robert Louis Stevenson.  This was to be Robert Wise’s third film as director, all under the auspices of ambitious and creative producer Val Lewton.  The film got some very striking poster art, including this dramatic poster, which is seldom seen. Poster is on linen.  Touch ups at folds and fold junctions. White paint is present at all four corners of the blank white...

BOWERY AT MIDNIGHT (1942; 1949 re-release)
BOWERY AT MIDNIGHT (1942; 1949 re-release) $0.00 SOLD

Vintage original 41 x 27" (103 x 68 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Bela Lugosi, John Archer, Wanda McKay, Tom Neal, Vince Barnett, dir: Wallace Fox; Astor. Here is the very atmospheric and sinister one sheet poster for this title's 1949 re-release through Astor Pictures. Bela Lugosi plays a professor of Criminology who secretly runs a soup kitchen, which is really a front for a gang or robbers and murderers.

This reissue poster is effectively identical to the 1942 original one sheet, with the only difference being that the 1942 version gives Monogram as the distributor. Poster is very clean and...

Bunuel, Luis / NAZARIN (1959)
Bunuel, Luis / NAZARIN (1959) $250.00 SOLD

Vintage original 37 x 26" (94 x 66 cm.) poster, Mexico. Francisco Rabal, Marga Lopez, Rita Macedo, dir: Luis Bunuel; Pel Mex. Original Mexican poster for one of Bunuel's classic Mexican films -- a savage tale about an innocent young priest who strives to live a pure life in accordance with Christian teachings, and who encounters nothing but cruelty and indifference from all except for a prostitute, who becomes his only actual friend.

Folded, there is a distributor's stamp in blank white background. There is tiny paper loss in the middle of the right edge and there is a small amount...


Vintage original 41 x 27" (104 x 69 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Guy Madison, Frank Lovejoy, dir: Gordon Douglas; Warner Brothers. Another example of awesome 1950s 3-D movie poster art. Folded, there are no pinholes, there is slight shelf wear with a few very tiny fold tears, NEAR FINE.


Vintage original 27 x 41 (68 x 105 cm.) one sheet poster, style B, U.S. Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd, Robert Cummings, Constance Moore, dir: Frank Tuttle; Universal. Edgar Bergin, along with some help from (though mostly distraction) Charlie McCarthy, is brought in to solve the murder of a crooked newspaper editor who has connections to the mob. Perhaps it was the absurdity of a ventriloquist's dummy as star, but, whatever it was, Universal was willing to go out on a limb and feature this highly unusual caricature depiction by the uniquely talented Jacques Kapralik. Kapralik's art begins to...


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