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LIMELIGHT (1952) Undated shooting script by Charles Chaplin
LIMELIGHT (1952) Undated shooting script by Charles Chaplin $3,750.00

Vintage original shooting script. Charles Chaplin, Claire Bloom, Nigel Bruce, Buster Keaton, Sydney Chaplin, Norman Lloyd, dir: Charles Chaplin; United Artists. Though he made a few films after, this -- Chaplin's final American film -- is seen as a kind of swan song to his legendary career.

Set in the music hall world which was his origin, he plays a fading comedian who inspires a crippled ballet dancer to walk and feel confident about her life. The film contains brilliant scenes with Chaplin's only real film rival, Buster Keaton. Nearly banned upon release in the U.S. in 1952 because of Chaplin's...

MARK OF THE HAWK [THE HAWK] (1957) Final draft script, 1956
MARK OF THE HAWK [THE HAWK] (1957) Final draft script, 1956 $0.00

Original Final script for the 1957 film, here under its early working title, "The Hawk." Universal City, CA: Universal Pictures, 1956. One of Sidney Poitier's very early major film roles, and an important specimen of the early days of his legendary career.

A well-intentioned and well-educated African named Obam (Sidney Poitier) returns upon completing an education in London to fill a political post, and discovers unrest between the white-dominated government and a group of native rebels led by his brother. Poitier, not surprisingly, embraces the idea of negotiation over his brother's more violent ideas. One of the first American films to...

METROPOLIS (1927) $2,500.00

First Czechoslovakian Edition, photoplay with all 64 UFA images from the film, Prague: Ustredni delnicke knihkupectvi a nakladatelstvi, 1927.

First Czech edition of Thea Harbou's novel, published the same year as the release of the Fritz Lang film for which she wrote the screenplay. Importantly, this edition is the only one to contain all 64 images of the UFA still photographs released for the film in 1927 (for which a collection of the actual vintage photographs would be essentially impossible).

The film's iconic images of an imagined dystopian future inspired many illustrations and designs, the jacket for this edition being an...

MY FAVORITE YEAR (1981) Revised Final Draft script by Norman Steinberg
MY FAVORITE YEAR (1981) Revised Final Draft script by Norman Steinberg $250.00

Written by Norman Steinberg [Culver City]: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Brooksfilms, 4 September through 3 December 1981. [1],110 leaves plus lettered inserts. Quarto. Photographically-reproduced typescript, printed on rectos only of white, green, yellow, blue and rose stock. Brad-bound in printed studio wrappers. Titled label taped across spine, but very good or better.

Denoted a "revised final draft" of the script for this comedy, but with a rainbow of inserted revises spanning the three months noted above. Peter O'Toole memorably played the role of Alan Swann, which was based on Errol Flynn. The character of the young writer, Benjamin Stone, was based on Mel Brooks who,...

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (1977) Screenplay by Earl Mac Rauch May 12, 1976
NEW YORK, NEW YORK (1977) Screenplay by Earl Mac Rauch May 12, 1976 $300.00

Vintage original script, USA. Martin Scorsese aimed to fuse the tradition of the classic Hollywood musical with the semi-improvised methods of a John Cassavetes production in this film about a failing marriage. Printed wrappers, studio mimeograph, brad-bound, 137 pp., JUST ABOUT FINE in NEAR FINE wrappers.

NIXON (1995)
NIXON (1995) $750.00

Original screenplay by Stephen J. Rivele, Christopher Wilkinson, and Oliver Stone. Two variant drafts, with significant differences, of an important Oliver Stone film about Nixon's career:

  • INTERIM SEVENTH DRAFT 2/16/95. 149 pp. ABOUT FINE in NEAR FINE wrappers.
  • NINTH DRAFT (Shooting Script) 5/1/95. 153 pp. Accompanying the script are 19 loose revision pages, dated variously between May 5 and July 28. Red titled wrappers. 235 leaves, photographically reproduced, with the last leaf of text numbered 153. Pink, salmon, goldenrod, yellow, and blue revision pages throughout, dated variously between 5-5-95 and 7-28-95. Brief dampstain to several pages, else pages and wrapper NEAR FINE,...

OUTLAW, THE (1941; 1ST French release, 1948)
OUTLAW, THE (1941; 1ST French release, 1948) $300.00

Vintage original pressbook, 12 x 9 ¼” (31 x 24 cm.), 4 pp., France.  Jane Russell, dir: Howard Hughes; United Artists.  A sultry photomontage of sexy images of the young Jane Russell, mostly from images of her by Hurrell.  The booklet has a single horizontal fold, NEAR FINE.  

PREHISTORIC WOMEN (1950) $150.00

Vintage original 16 x 16" (40 x 40 cm.) pressbook; folio, pictorial wrappers, 8 pp., USA. Laurette Luez, Allan Nixon, Joan Shawlee, Judy Landon, Mara Lynn, dir: Gregg C. Tallas; Eagle-Lion Films. A sort of female Tarzan escapade with a bit of a plot and championing women's lib -- at least up to a point. The women hate men, but realize that they are a necessary evil, and in the end they are even submissive to them. Most of this was filmed right in the heart of Hollywood with some locations at the Corriganville Ranch and atmospheric shots from Florida....

PRIZE FIGHTER (1978) + RAGING BULL (1979) Original script & silkscreened parking permit
PRIZE FIGHTER (1978) + RAGING BULL (1979) Original script & silkscreened parking permit $5,000.00

Vintage original screenplay by Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro [New York: Chartoff/Winkler Productions], Novermber 1978 and February-April, 1979. [2], 103 leaves and [1], 101, [1] leaves, plus lettered inserts.

Two different preproduction scripts of Scorsese and De Niro's revision of Paul Schrader's screenplay, which was itself a major revision of Mardik Martin's preliminary script, adapted in large part from Lamotta's 1970 memoir Raging Bull: My Story. The evolution of the script and the revisions evidenced here are treated in part in Mary Pat Kelly's Martin Scorsese: A Journey, in the chapter "Blood on the Ropes."

These examples of the two drafts...

REAL MCCOYS, THE (1958/60) Two scripts for "Grampa's War" and "First Date"
REAL MCCOYS, THE (1958/60) Two scripts for "Grampa's War" and "First Date" $200.00

This was the first of what would become a slew of rural comedies, and all the then-existing networks initially turned it down. It eventually debuted on CBS in 1957 and became a huge success, which in turn led to other shows like BEVERLY HILLBILLIES and PETTICOAT JUNCTION, all of them with country folk as the protagonists. In the case of this show, Walter Brennan starred as Grandpa Amos McCoy, the patriarch of a West Virginia family who move to the San Fernando Valley in suburban Los Angeles.

"Grampa's War" 12/31/58 Mimeo, brad-bound, self-wrappers, 40 pp., with some pages revisions on blue...


Two (2) vintage original pressbooks for two films by Russ Meyer. Meyer was once known as an audacious purveyor of sexually titillating independent films in the 1960s and after, and famous for such wild films as Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. His work has now come to receive much greater respect because of the inherent feminism in his strong and sexually aggressive female lead characters, and because of his chronicling of changing sexual mores in American society.

These two films, one set on the Colorado River, the other in Los Angeles, are scarce...

SCARFACE (1983) Final Draft Screenplay by Oliver Stone Oct 29, 1982
SCARFACE (1983) Final Draft Screenplay by Oliver Stone Oct 29, 1982 $1,500.00

Vintage original final draft script [dated variously between 11/2/82 and 11/12/82], USA. Reviled upon its release by some, and perhaps the only picture to have ever been nominated for three Golden Globes along with a Razzie award, SCARFACE is today generally considered a classic, visceral genre film, in which Al Pacino inhabits the title role to the hilt: a young punk who rises to power in the Miami drug scene in the late-1970s/early-1980s. Pacino's performance has since become iconic to many subcultures, rap and hip-hop not being the least of them. One of a number of key screenplays written by...


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