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2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)
2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968) $0.00

Vintage original 36 x 14" (90 x 35 cm.) insert poster, USA Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester, Douglas Rain, dir: Stanley Kubrick; MGM. A story of evolution and the race between the computer HAL 9000 (Rain) and the human astronaut Dave Bowman (Dullea) to reach Jupiter and the monolith found there which signals all other monolith placers.

The film, a master in technical achievement and truly an artistic masterpiece in the science fiction realm, realistically detailed the future of technology -- much of which has come to pass during the 40-years since its release. There was an Academy...

BEGGAR IN PURPLE, A (1920) $300.00

Vintage original 11 x 14" (28 x 35 cm.) lobby card, USA. Lee Shumway, Charles Arling, Stanhope Wheatcroft. Betty Brice, Ruth King, dir: Edgar Lewis; Pathé. A fascinating image of the stock exchange as it appear1ed in 1920. The story, based on a book by Andrew Soutar, concerned business intrigue involving a paper mill. It is likely a lost film.

Minor soiling to blank white margins. Crease at top left corner. Crease at center right edge. Minor waviness to bottom margin. NEAR FINE.

BETTE DAVIS / MISS MOFFAT (1974) $550.00

Vintage original 22 x 14" (55 x 35 cm.), window card, USA. Bette Davis, Dody Goodman, Anne Francine, Nell Carter, dir: Joshua Logan; Wlksm Logan and Brown. Very rare theatre poster for the ill-fated musical version of Emlyn William's The Corn is Green.

Bette Davis scored highly with an Academy Award nomination playing the repressed but driven school teacher in the 1945 film. It seemed like an excellent source for a musical, and many of the tops in theatre were engaged to make this a success.

The critics panned it, however, and Bette -- at a time when...

BIG CLOCK, THE (1948) $200.00

Vintage original 11 x 14" (28 x 35 cm.) lobby card no. 1, USA. Ray Milland, Maureen O'Sullivan, Charles Laughton, George Macready, Rita Johnson, Elsa Lanchester, dir: John Farrow; Paramount. The tense atmosphere of this film noir classic is evident in this image of publishing tycoon Earl Janouth (Charles Laughton), who has committed a murder which he pins on magazine editor George Stroud (Ray Milland).

This card is immaculate and never used. FINE.

BITTER RICE [RIZ AMARO] (1949) $300.00

Vintage original 11 x 14" (28 x 35 cm.) black-and-white single weight glossy silver gelatin print still photos, USA. Vittoria Gassman, Doris Dowling, Silvana Mangano, dir: Giuseppe De Santis; Lux Films. Story of a criminal couple on the run, she gets work in a group of rice workers and meets another woman who is waiting for her soldier boyfriend to be discharged. The two couples then join forces and embark on a complicated story of romance, robbery and murder. One of the classics of Italian Neo-Realism, the film had an American release in September of 1950.

In still BT-41, Silvana Mangano...

BLUE DAHLIA, THE (1946) $650.00

Vintage original 11 x 14" (28 x 35 cm.) lobby card, USA. Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake, William Bendix, Howard Da Silva, dir: George Marshall; Paramount. One of the finest classic film noir titles and written by the master of the genre, Raymond Chandler.

The story involved a war vet who returns home to see his wife with another man. She is murdered and he is the prime suspect. The Blue Dahlia is a nightclub where much of the action takes place. Chandler initially had the returning vet (Bendix) as the murderer, but the patriotic atmosphere of the time would not permit...


Vintage original 11 x 14" (28 x 35 cm.) black-and-white double weight semi-glossy silver gelatin print still photo, USA. Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, Michael J. Pollard, Gene Hackman, Estelle Parsons, dir: Arthur Penn; Warner Brothers.

An intense moment is depicted in this image from this groundbreaking classic film. The story allowed the audience to have sympathy for the villains, a concept which broke the rules of the stringent Production Code which had slowly been carved away since being instituted in 1934 -- the year much of this story took place. After this film, the code was pretty much done away with....


Vintage original 11 x 14" (28 x 35 cm.) black-and-white double weight semi-glossy silver gelatin print still photo, USA. Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, Michael J. Pollard, Gene Hackman, Estelle parsons, dir: Arthur Penn; Warner Brothers. Intense moment on the Ponder, Texas, location as Faye Dunaway depicts the scene in which Bonnie is shot to death. The film is, of course, the somewhat romanticized story of the notorious 1930s bank robbers.

It was Penn who felt that the bloody violence of their deaths must be shown. Whereas shootout deaths had never been depicted realistically before, he felt that if the characters were...

BULLETS OR BALLOTS (1936) $375.00

Set of four (4) vintage original 8 x 10" (20 x 25 cm.) black-and-white silver gelatin still photos, USA. Edward G. Robinson, Joan Blondell, Barton MacLane, Humphrey Bogart, Frank McHugh, dir: William Keighley; Warner Brothers.

Wonderful images of all the film's main characters. Bogart portrayed Nick 'Bugs' Fenner, a trigger-happy gangster who will stop at nothing in this political gangster story of a detective and the racket.

Bogart is featured in all four images, as are MacLane and Robinson. Joan Blondell is in one. UA-105 and UA-336 each have a tear at their borders and creases at corners, UA-47 and UA-319 show...

Bunuel, Luis / UN CHIEN ANDALOU [AN ANDALUSIAN DOG] (1929; 1968)
Bunuel, Luis / UN CHIEN ANDALOU [AN ANDALUSIAN DOG] (1929; 1968) $500.00

Vintage original 47 x 32" (120 x 82 cm.) half grande poster, France. Pierre Batcheff, Simone Mareuil, Luis Bunuel, Salvador Dali, Jaime Miravilles, dir: Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dalí; Les Grands Films Classiques.

When Luis Buñuel's debut film, which he co-created with fellow Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí, premiered in Paris in 1929, it was a private showing at a cine-club. This poster, with its montage of archival images from the movie (including the legendary image of the woman's eyeball being slit), is for the movie's first theatrical release anywhere, in 1968.

Folded, with minor creasing at folds, JUST ABOUT FINE.

CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN (1943) $850.00

Vintage original 36 x 14" (90 x 35 cm.) insert poster, USA. Acquanetta, John Carradine, Evelyn Anker, Milburn Stone, Lloyd Corrigan, dir: Edward Dmytryk; Universal.

A mad scientist is on the prowl and, after he does a brain transplant into a giant gorilla, the results are predictably disastrous. The film relied heavily on stock footage shot for The Big Cage (1933), and thus the crediting of Clyde Beatty. The star Mildred Davenport, renamed Acquanetta, did not say a word throughout.

This poster is a very scarce size, seldom seen. It has nice, bright colors. Poster is unfolded, there was very discreet touch-up...

CASINO ROYALE (1967) $750.00

Vintage original 60 x 20" (150 x 50 cm.) door panel poster, USA. Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, David Niven, Orson Welles, Joanna Pettet, Daliah Lavi, Woody Allen, Deborah Kerr, William Holden, Charles Boyer, John Huston, George Raft, Jean-Paul Bemondo, dir: John Huston, Val Guest, Ken Hughes, others; Columbia.

A blockbuster cast and creative team with the likes of Woody Allen, Ben Hecht, Billy Wilder and Peter Sellers adding to the script based on Ian Fleming's novel. A wonderful spoof on the James Bond theme, this is one of the 1960s' crowning achievements in production design. The famous pop song "The Look...


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