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Bunuel, Luis / NAZARIN (1959)
Bunuel, Luis / NAZARIN (1959) $250.00

Vintage original 37 x 26" (94 x 66 cm.) poster, Mexico. Francisco Rabal, Marga Lopez, Rita Macedo, dir: Luis Bunuel; Pel Mex. Original Mexican poster for one of Bunuel's classic Mexican films -- a savage tale about an innocent young priest who strives to live a pure life in accordance with Christian teachings, and who encounters nothing but cruelty and indifference from all except for a prostitute, who becomes his only actual friend.

Folded, there is a distributor's stamp in blank white background. There is tiny paper loss in the middle of the right edge and there is a small amount...

KING KONG (1933; 1962 re-issue)
KING KONG (1933; 1962 re-issue) $750.00

Vintage original 15 x 19" (38 x 48 cm.) poster, Belgium. Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot, Kong, dir: Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack: RKO. Vintage style art, based on some of the original 1933 campaign, and a contemporary styling of Kong make this a unique and colorful presentation for the all-time classic horror fantasy. Folded, top trimmed, two minor border tears, neatly mended, NEAR FINE.

METROPOLIS (1927) $2,500.00

First Czechoslovakian Edition, photoplay with all 64 UFA images from the film, Prague: Ustredni delnicke knihkupectvi a nakladatelstvi, 1927.

First Czech edition of Thea Harbou's novel, published the same year as the release of the Fritz Lang film for which she wrote the screenplay. Importantly, this edition is the only one to contain all 64 images of the UFA still photographs released for the film in 1927 (for which a collection of the actual vintage photographs would be essentially impossible).

The film's iconic images of an imagined dystopian future inspired many illustrations and designs, the jacket for this edition being an...

POISON (1991)
POISON (1991) $0.00

Vintage original 18 x 25" (47 x 66 cm.) poster, Netherlands. Scott Renderer, dir: Todd Haynes. Todd Haynes' Poison is a bold film in which three unrelated stories are intercut. One of them is a loose adaptation from Jean Genet's Our Lady of the Flowers. Poison was Haynes' feature film debut, and it was one of the groundbreaking films in the then emerging New Queer Cinema movement. The US poster for the film is OK, but does not, in my opinion, hold a candle to this stark piece, designed by Jean Paul Commandeur, with its closeup of Renderer, in the...

SPECK'S ORIENT-CINEMA (ca. 1916) $3,500.00

Vintage original 27 x 39" (69.5 x 99.6 cm.) one sheet poster, Switzerland. Poster art by costume and commercial designer Ernst Deutsch-Dryden (1883-1938) for an elegant new movie theater in Zürich, with this image giving us well-dressed clientele watching a Western movie, almost certainly a US import. During this period there was a push in Zürich, as in all large European and American cities, to build lavish new cinemas to accommodate the constantly growing public and to screen all the feature films which were now being regularly made.

This poster was designed to promote the opening of this movie theater. Conserved...


Vintage original set of eighteen (18) 13 x 10 " (33 x 27 cm.) lobby cards, China. Jimbo Shen, Xiangling Tong; dir: Tieli Xie; China Film Distribution and Exhibition Corporation. A classic of the Chinese Cultural Revolution -- a revolutionary ballet film with a very strong dose of propaganda intertwined with its storyline, produced at the Beijing Film Studio, and performed by members of the Peking Opera Troupe of Shanghai [sic].

A famous, and probably equally infamous, cultural relic of Mao's Cultural Revolution -- and, needless to say, an extremely rare one. This original set of Chinese lobby cards were printed...


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