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Vintage original 20 x 14” (51 x 36 cm) window card poster, USA.

In the years immediately following Stonewall, there were some off-Broadway plays which depicted the lives of LGBTQ people.  This one, apparently a bitchy comedy about a group of young men at a gay bath house, had its initial run off-Broadway, first at the Mercer Arts Center, then, when that center had to be closed due to structural problems in the building, it then moved to the Players Theatre, from which this poster emanates.  It was moved...

UGETSU (1953)
UGETSU (1953) $0.00 SOLD

Vintage original 39 x 27" (97 x 67 cm.) poster, Japan. Masayuki Mori, Machiko Kyô, Kinuyo Tanaka, dir: Kenji Mizoguchi; Daiei Studios. One of the finest and rarest of posters of classic Japanese cinema.

The film tells the story of the struggles of the people during the Japanese Civil Wars of the sixteenth century. The original complete title Ugetsu Monogatari roughly translates as "Tales of the Moon and Rain".

This poster does not appear to have been used and, though originally tri-folded, it has been stored rolled. There are spots of soiling in the background area between the two prominent characters, otherwise...

UMBERTO D. (1952; 1st East German release, 1955)
UMBERTO D. (1952; 1st East German release, 1955) $200.00 SOLD

Vintage original 11 ¾ x 8 ¼” (30 x 21 cm.)  poster, East Germany.  Carlo Battisti, dir: Vittorio De Sica; Progress Film.  JUST ABOUT FINE.

 Strikingly designed poster by KLEMKE, scarce paper from East German release, showing the protagonist, his beloved little doga, and an ominous approaching train.  


UNDEAD, THE (1957)
UNDEAD, THE (1957) $500.00 SOLD

Vintage original 41 x 27" (104 x 69 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Pamela Duncan, Richard Garland, Allison Hayes, dir: Roger Corman; American International.

One of Roger Corman's top early horror films, and a colorful -- and scarce -- poster. Folded, with some wear along fold lines, and a little damage in the area of the middle letter "D" in UNDEAD, and some scattered pinholes and a few small marginal tears, VERY GOOD. Poster can be enjoyed and displayed exactly as it is, or could also be easily linen backed if one wished to go to a little extra expense.


UNDERWORLD, U.S.A. (1960) $300.00 SOLD

Vintage original 30 x 40" (75 x 100 cm.) quad poster, UK. Cliff Robertson, Dolores Dorn, Beatrice Kay, dir: Sam Fuller; Columbia. This gangster revenge film (Robertson sets out to systematically kill all the thugs who had once murdered his father -- and the image of violence at bottom right echoes the silhouette staging of his father's killing) is one of the great films of the great Samuel Fuller.

This exceedingly scarce British poster has multiple design elements missing from the U.S. paper. Folded, with minor fold wear, and some scattered creasing, VERY GOOD+.

-movieposter -filmnoir -underworldusa -samfuller


Vintage original 41 x 27" (102 x 68 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Rex Harrison, Linda Darnell, Rudy Vallee, Barbara Lawrence, Kurt Kreuger, Lionel Stander, dir: Preston Sturges; Twentieth Century Fox. Black comedy about a conductor married to a beautiful woman whose brother has her tailed by a detective while he is on tour. The detective turns the wife's file over to her husband and some questionable behavior is discovered. The husband has a meltdown over his wife's imagined infidelity, those scenarios always set to music. Masterful direction and acting make this an all-time comedy classic.

Poster was folded and is...

UNSUSPECTED, THE (1947) $250.00 SOLD

Vintage original 27 x 41" (68 x 102 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Claude Rains, Joan Caulfield, Audrey Totter, Constance Bennett, Hurd Hatfield, dir: Michael Curtiz; Warner Brothers. An atmospheric (and unusual layout for Warner Brothers poster art of the time) presentation for this stylish film noir thriller. Full of mystery, a murder is revealed at the start of the story. From there the curious reactions of the cast-of-characters are examined. Then, a character thought killed reveals herself to be alive. Strong cast, direction and script make this one of the finest classics of this genre. Folded, VERY GOOD.


Vintage original 57 x 20" (145 x 51 cm.) poster, Japan. Barbara Parkins, Patty Duke, Sharon Tate, Susan Hayward, dir: Mark Robson; Fox. There is no way around it -- this film is one of the ultimate classics of incredibly memorable trash, with one quotable line after another. And who can resist this scarce Japanese poster, with portraits of the four female principals against a snow-laden background of heroine Parkins' New England home?

On linen, poster was virtually immaculate prior to backing, JUST ABOUT FINE.

-movieposter -valleyofthedolls -cultclassic -sharontate


Vintage original 22 x 22" (56 x 55 cm.) jumbo window card, USA. Martha Chapin, Wheeler Oakman, Bryant Washburn, dir: Elmer Clifton; Jay-Dee-Kay Productions.

Exploitation film by the producers of the more famous Reefer Madness and Marijuana the same year. In fact, the same sets were used for all three films. Though in the guise of an "educational" film, this time about a woman's desire and use of gambling to acquire the finer things in life and the path that leads her on, it was truly more about the exploitative story of her path to the shame of selling herself.


VIOLATORS, THE (1957) $200.00 SOLD

Vintage original 41 x 27" (102 x 68 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Arthur O'Connell, Nancy Malone, dir: John Newland; Universal. An exploitation story about a wayward girl, here given a dynamic poster treatment, with its almost fluorescent orange background. Folded, with some minor wear along fold lines, VERY GOOD.

WAR DOG, THE (ca. 1930)
WAR DOG, THE (ca. 1930) $600.00 SOLD

Vintage original 27 x 41" (68 x 102 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Dir: Renaud Hoffman; Lumas Film Corp. Originally a 1925 silent film called His Master's Voice, this edit incorporates some additional sound sequences as well as changes some character names. (

Nice design shows Rex, biplanes and the Battle of Chateau-Thierry. On linen, poster originally had touch-ups to fold lines to address minor separations and chips, also minor border chips, VERY GOOD.

WARNER BROTHERS CARTOON, A (1950s; 1959 RR) $750.00 SOLD

Vintage original 41 x 27" (104 x 69 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. A genuinely scarce poster, with sweet images of Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Sylvester, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, and all the rest of the Warner Brothers animation roster. There is no earlier version of this poster, and the bright colors and charming design make it a winner. Slight signs of handling, but very close to fine.

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